The F**King is the 4th rap, trap and freestyle most important brand in the hispanic world.

We’ve been working together since the event was founded, in 2018. We take care of everything related to the brand’s identity: Flyers, designs, banners, staff’s t-shirts, stands, displays and more. We managed the AV productions, digital advertising, YouToube positioning and general brand communication.

We have managed to get together +5000 people in Plaza de la Música on the first edition, and +3500 on the second one. The third edition was planned to be in 2020, but due to the Coronavirus outbreak we had to do it online. It was streamed, and reached +300,000 views.

Also, The F**King Youtube’s channel reached +150,000 subscriptions and +15M reproductions, and counting.

How did the logo and the creative process start?


Visual identity

Concepts we began with

(asked by client)

• The artists participating there were supposed to be the best ones (The “KINGS”).
• The concept had to be easy to replicate. Something that could be used a lot of times, in different events and hispanic countries.
• It had to link RAP and TRAP, and manifest hip-hop culture.
• The F** King had to be easily vinculated to freestyle.

• Debía crearse un concepto replicable: susceptible de ser
   utilizado muchas veces, en distintos eventos y países de
   habla hispana.
• Debían entrelazarse el RAP y el TRAP, y poner de manifiesto
   la cultura del hip-hop.
• The F** King debía vincularse rápidamente con el freestyle.


(we had to face)

• To integrate rap and trap street and urban styles with royal style.
• We had no references: It was the first event like this in Córdoba.
• To present an innovative image, something conceptually new and easy to identificate.

Final results:

Social networks

Feed + Stories

Youtube channel

First things first, we needed to reach enough views and subscriptions to monetize the channel before the event started. YouTube requires at least 1000 real subscriptions and +4,000 hours of playback. In order to achieve this, we organized a giveaway where people had to guess what the event was about. We hired two influencers who would later participate on the event: Wos and Paulo Londra.
We asked them to generate a feeling of expectation among their followers by posting some mysterious IG Stories with the legend "Something big is coming". In addition, in order to participate in the giveaway people had to be subscribed to the event's YouTube channel. As days went by, more artists became a part of the "Something big is coming" movement and we were finally able to obtain over 10.000 subscribers in less than one month. We also created new video content, like a series of interviews with the artists involved as to reach the +4,000 hours of playback required to be able to monetize the channel before uploading the first event's content.

Youtube interview

Institutional video

First edition

Institutional video

Institutional 2D animation


Promotional posters

Events display

Loop for the screens between battles