Juvips is an NGO that promotes inclusion and social development. It has two main projects: a small soccer school for kids and a recycled-instruments orchestra. Juvip’s purpose is to educate children who live in poverty on skills and values through enrichin activities. Juvips is an ally of the Cateura Orchest (This is the world’s most famous recycled-instrument orchestra for children).

For Juvips we offered digital marketing training for the entire communication team, trained all the volunteers in agile methodologies, redesigned its overall aesthetic, designed and promoted a fundrising campaign.

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Fundrising campaign

It had to be done so the children could travel to Brazil and Spain to play along with the Cateura Orchest.

We managed to raise more than $100,000 in 20 days through the “donation of kilometers” (each kilometer was worth $80 and people were invited to donate the amount of km they wanted). We made all the script, filming, editing and promotion needed for that campaign.

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Institutional video

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